(CARD) Naval AI

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(CARD) Naval AI
Health ?
Armour Class ?
Structural Unknown
Weight ?
Relative Buoyancy Unknown
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost ?

Allows for AI-control.

  • Broadside minimum distance - range below which it will turn vessel away from target. Above this range up to Enter range is the active broadsiding range.
  • Enter broadside below this distance - range below which it actively turn the vessel to nominal broadside angle relative straight at target.
  • Leave broadside above this distance - range beyond which it will turn vessel back toward target.
  • Nominal broadside angle - 0 degrees is straight at the target, 90 degrees circles the target. Less approaches, more retreats.
  • Idle Approach Distance - prevent AI from clustering friendly ships together resulting in collisions.
  • Turning Circle - minimum radius ship can turn. Underestimating can produce bizarre AI behaviour as it plots paths the ship cannot follow.
  • Depth Requirement - helps avoid shallows where ship may get stuck
  • Disable Reverse - sometimes AI gets silly. Happens more if vessel cannot turn well. This may help.