32 Pdr Swivel Gun

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32 Pdr Swivel Gun
32 Pdr Swivel Gun.png
Health 560
Armour Class 10
Structural No
Weight 80
Relative Buoyancy -3.5
Size 2x1x1
Material Cost 150

Swivel Guns have a larger aiming angle than other cannons but are slightly less accurate.
~ In-game description

The 32 pdr Swivel Gun, formerly known as the Large Cannon (the 64 Pdr Cannon did not exist back then), is a Simple Weapon. It is best used in large amounts, typically being equipped in ships designed for broadsiding. While the damage is relatively high, the low AP makes the rounds ineffective against armour. The low velocity also limits effective range. It is the bigger brother of the 16 Pdr Cannon, and the small brother of the 64 Pdr Cannon.