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General Info
Faction Steel Striders
Corporation Rapronium Heavy Industries
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 15
Volume in m³ 3341
Spawn Chance 10% in All Designs
5% in GSPG
15% in SwFJE
Top Speed in m/s 20
Additional Information
Armament 1x 111mm APS
3x HE Missiles
4x HE Torpedos
Armour 1m Metal
Material Cost 65,930

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Allegiance class is a series of coast guard cutters with a rather unique hull design. The long and straight bow, dubbed "bearded axe bow" by its designer, is a clever example of naval engineering to prevent the boat from capsizing. When a wave hits the flank, its impact is spread between the small area above the surface and the much bigger surface under. As a result, the hull rights itself instead of rolling dangerously. The Allegiance cutter is thus perfectly capable to operate in rough seas, for long periods and in all weathers. However, the tiny hull of this unassuming boat, once crammed with supplies for long patrol mission, only allows for very little living space, much to the chagrin of the bedraggled crew.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

Based on unique hull shapes designed by Damen Shipyards.

Built by Awellner and mech_romancer