Anti Missile Cannon Controller

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Anti Missile Cannon Controller
Anti Missile Cannon Controller.png
Health 130
Armour Class 4
Structural No
Weight 4
Relative Buoyancy +33.6
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 50

An anti missile cannon controller is a type of remote weapons controller that turns the turret it controls into a CIWS ("Close-In Weapons System"). This gun will then proceed to target and try to shoot down incoming missiles by using data it collects from Munition Warner blocks. Unlike LAMS it does not shoot hostile APS-, or CRAM-shells

Despite the name, it can also be used to control missiles, to launch interceptor-missiles, or even offensive lasers, although the latter is usually worse than using LAMS-nodes. Note that the AMCC will only control turreted weapons, it does not work on hull-mounted ones. Also, it will only fire at missiles detected by the AI it is connected to, and will ignore other missiles.

Missiles have an AC of 1, meaning 2 AP is enough to deal full damage. Their health depends on size-class, length, and reinforcement – as a rule of thumb, S missiles can be assumed to have about 50-100 health, M missiles about 500-1,000 health, and L missiles about 5,000-10,000. This depends heavily on the exact design though, and all types of missiles may exceed that.