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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Lochforge Industrial Marine
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 10
Volume in m³ 3,520
Spawn Chance 20% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 3.2
Additional Information
Armament Two CRAM-turrets, one barrel each
Armour 1m metal

After Lochforge Industrial Marine's success with the Clydesdale, the manufacturer was given the green light to start production of a dedicated military navy. The first ship off the production line was the Bastion, which was designed as a light escort frigate. Its design marked the beginning of the Onyx Watch's new era of ships, which became known as Castle-Ships. The switch from massed hull mounted cannons of the merchant navy to larger turret mounted cannons allowed for the Onyx Watch gunsmiths to excel in their craft and produce fearsome fire-power over greater firing arcs. With the introduction of the Bastion, the Onyx Watch caught the Deep Water Guard completely by surprise.

Performance[edit | edit source]

More heavily armoured than Onyx Watch sail-ships of comparable size, but also far slower. Uses HE CRAMs.

If fighting her, speed is your friend - it will allow you to choose a range, and help avoiding the slow-flying CRAM-shells she will send your way. Due to the thin metal armour, lacking any spacing, HESH will make short work of any internals. Alternatively, the lack of Heavy Armour and Surge Protectors makes EMP very effective.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Bastion's iconic single barreled CRAM cannon is a universal design used on most Castle Ships designed by LIM.

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