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The campaign is the main mode you can play in in From the Depths, in most cases its fairly simple, you have a base, the enemy has a base, you attack the enemy base and win. Often there is more than 1 faction so you would need to repeat the same thing many times.

Campaign Types[edit | edit source]

Campaigns splits to two basic types, these massively changes the gameplay

A) Sandbox - Sandbox campaigns allows you to build your units, to do anything with them.

B) Real Time Strategy - Akin to other games, you use premade units to win

Official Campaigns[edit | edit source]

  • Neter - The most completed campaign, provides difficulty for all skill levels. Purely a sandbox experience
  • Glao - A smaller sized campaign with a volume limit, much smaller and relies on players adaptation to new threats
  • Ashes of the Empire - A land based campaign, uses the game land feature to the max. However due to volume limit and the lack of difficulty sliders its not recommended for new players
  • From The Shadows - A Halloween themed sandbox campaign, time limited.
  • Cold Loch Christmas - A Christmas themed sandbox campaign, time limited.

Cut Campaigns[edit | edit source]

  • Dangerous Waters - First community made campaign that got integrated to the base game, offers a WW2 themed RTS gameplay with pre-made units, cut due to Outdated Units, especially the missing detection systems

Custom Campaigns[edit | edit source]

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Custom Campaigns are smaller that the official one, they can offer unique experience but they lack the needed manpower to be updated quickly if a new update rolls out

And in most cases, they have no difficulty sliders, so Custom Campaigns can provide quite harsh results to newcomers

  • 1905 - The World of Yesterday : Semi realistic campaign set in 1905 time line
  • Azarian Desert - Land based Sandbox campaign, very similar to the Ashes of The Empire
  • Changing Tides - Campaign similar to Neter, but with a focus to make enjoyable experience over making a challenge
  • Zarmina - Campaign that includes player Clans (Factions) as in game factions
  • WW2 Lite - A sister campaign of WW2, keeps the theme of the old warfare but offers Sandbox experience instead
  • Age of Sail: Sea's on Fire: the player is in the Age of Sail and faces nations from the time
  • Zrytix: A RTS campaign set in near future, story follows a invasion of alien planet and the struggle of all combating factions.
  • Terrus Asunder : A campaign where you fight on a planet which is engulfed in civil war.
  • Helious: A large campaign with 10 opposing factions with varied terrain, weather and more.

Campaign options[edit | edit source]

  • Difficulty modifier (0.2 to 5.0): Enemy damage and durability are scaled by this amount. Experience is scaled by this setting.
  • Enemy growth factor (0.25 to 2.0): Affects how quickly enemy forces grow. Experience is scaled by the square root of this setting.
  • Resource given by destroying enemy (0.0 to 0.1): What percentage of resources are given when enemy blocks are destroyed. Experience is scaled linearly from 2x at 0.0 to 1x at 0.1.
  • Enemy design difficulty (0.0 to 3.0): The higher this setting is, the more likely advanced enemy designs are to appear. Specifically, designs more than 1 difficulty away from the setting are much less likely to appear:
  • Easy: 0
  • Regular: 1
  • Expert: 2
  • Godly: 3
Experience is scaled linearly from 0.5x at 0.0 to 2x at 3.0.

The option for centralised resources was removed with update 2.7.

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The maximum possible experience multiplier is and the minimum possible is .