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You might notice in designer that all AI vehicles are separated into different categories. These categories have little to no impact in campaign (for now) and only serve to separate vehicles for better management in the Editor and in the spawning menu.


  1. Ship
  2. Plane
  3. Ballooncraft
  4. Thrustercraft
  5. Helicopter
  6. Spacecraft
  7. Submarine
  8. Installation (Fortress)
  9. Drone
  10. Building
  11. Tank

Singular Categories


  • Ship is your usual sea faring vessel
  • It is the most common vehicle type on Neter
  • Usually posses the biggest firepower of all vehicle types
  • Massively varies in everything (As example, compare ships from Steel Striders to Lightning Hoods)


  • Most planes are akin to World War 2 aircraft, but can be more like futuristic jets too (Scarlet Dawn)
  • Planes uses wings, ailerons and tailplanes to control the flight, but they can use the help of thrusters too
  • Planes are mostly propelled by forward facing heliblades, thrusters can be used too to archive better speeds and agility
  • Effective when small and it can be quite hard to detect.


  • Ballooncraft is a vehicle that uses hot air baloons to stay airborne
  • Most ballooncraft are slow moving targets, but they are quite stable and can take recoil more reasonably than planes
  • This kind of vehicle is used heavily by Deep Water Guard and Grey Talons


  • Thrustercrafts are vehicle that are hovering and moving by the help of jets
  • Thrustercrafts are usually the fastest vehicles on the battlefield and they are generally hard to hit with slow weaponry
  • Jets can be marked as Thrustercraft too


  • Helicopters or Airships are airborne due to Heli blades
  • They are very stable in air
  • Can use massive weaponry, akin to ships
  • Helicopters are mostly smaller constructs (Under +-3000 blocks) Airships are the big bad version of Helicopters with massive proportions
  • Heavily used by end game factions


  • A space faring vessel, that exits the atmosphere or hovers at extreme heights
  • Very underused (Thats understatement- Not even single faction has real spacecraft)
  • Space is extremely underdeveloped and just broken balance wise


  • A submerging vessel
  • Hard to damage with most weapons (Lasers have massive damage reduction underwater)
  • Vulnerable to torpedoes
  • Can only use limited arsenal underwater
  • Can be very powerful, can stall entire fleets !
  • Vulnerable to damage (Submarines start to despawn bellow 80% health !)


  • A sitting target that mostly serve as resource zone occupant
  • Mostly sits on RZ to mine resources for faction
  • Destroying these will reduce the faction income (Slower fleet production speed)
  • Ignores recoil
  • Can be exceptionally tough (Mostly serves as faction headquarters !)


  • Mostly serve as distraction (Cannon Fodder)
  • Drones comes with their respective motherships/aircraft carriers


  • A static structure on the map
  • Building is everything that is placed on a land mass
  • Suffers no recoil
  • Can serve as factory (Produces fleets !)


  • Tank or Land Vehicle is everything that can move on land
  • Tanks are very space effective, can still function with heavy damage and ground absorbs some recoil
  • Recoil only pushes the tank back (No stability issues)
  • Does not appear on Neter/Glao, only appears on Ashes of The Empire (Land based campaign, dedicated to land vehicles)