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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Lochforge Industrial Marine
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 14
Volume in m³ 4,978
Spawn Chance 20% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 5.2
Additional Information
Armament CRAMs: 1 turret, 2 casemates

single AA cannon (airburst frag)

Armour spaced metal, wooden deck

One of the first castleships to ever set sail, the Claymore class ironclad was also the first ship of the Onyx Watch to equip a prototype version of what would become the famous and potent Bastion cannon.

Performance[edit | edit source]

More heavily armoured than Onyx Watch sail-ships of comparable size, but also slower. Unlike most OW easy designs, she has an AA-cannon, making her far less vulnerable to fliers.

If fighting her, speed is your friend – it will allow you to choose a range, and help avoid the slow-flying CRAM-shells she will send your way. The AA-cannon uses airburst frag, making glass-cannons a relatively poor choice when fighting the Claymore – However, the AA-gun itself is very vulnerable, and can be shot off easily.

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