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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Black Powder Antiques
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 35
Volume in m³ 19,980
Spawn Chance 10% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 5.2
Additional Information
Armament Massive broadside

of 32 Pdr Swivel Guns

Armour Mostly wooden, some metal
Speed with wind up to 14m/s

Performance[edit | edit source]

As a sailing ship, the speed depends heavily on the wind. It ranges from 4m/s (no wind) to about 14m/s. Each broadside consists of 106 32 Pdr Swivel Guns, and 3 16 Pdr Cannons. Frontal armament is a single 32 Pdr Swivel Gun, while two 32 pdr Swivel Guns and two 16 Pdr Cannons protect the rear. Armour is mostly wooden, with metal reinforcements.

If fighting her, consider using fliers (due to complete lack of anti-air weapons), and torpedoes (as many parts below the waterline are protected only by wood). If using ships, metal armour is recommended, as her simple weapons have little AP and will do little damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

She was initially intended to be called "Bec De Corbin" (after a French name for a pole-arm war-hammer – "Raven's Beak"). However, majyst decided it did not fit Onyx Watch's naming conventions. The creator (forum-name Sumyunguy) proposed several other names, Constellation among them.

The original design-request for a "Mighty Man O' War" was the same that led to the Greenfield. Both designs were accepted.

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