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General Info
Faction Lightning Hoods
Corporation Ouroborus Defence Group
Difficulty Expert
Type Plane
Campaign Battle Points Unknown
Volume in m³ 1011.95
Spawn Chance 30% in All Designs
Top Speed in m/s 115.1
Additional Information
Armament 6x Small missile launchers
Armour Mostly alloy, little metal
Material Cost 39.504

The Firefly is an experimental assault jet with the most technologically advanced systems in the Lightning Hood arsenal. Though its offense is on par with other jets of its size, its advanced sensor package, High output jet engines and experimental “Blink warp drive” makes this jet very difficult to pin down.
~ In-game description

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Firefly is a jet fighter of the Lightning Hoods.

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Firefly is fast and agile, the blink-warp-drive helps the Firefly to dodge incoming projectiles. Its six small missile launchers deal decent damage.