Flying Squirrel

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Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel.png
General Info
Faction Deepwater Guard
Corporation Pirate Lord Riker
Difficulty Godly
Type Plane
Campaign Battle Points 5
Volume in m³ 238.9
Spawn Chance 10% in P.L. Rike
Top Speed in m/s 82.5
Additional Information
Material Cost 15,178

Born on a scrapyard, made of recovered parts of shot down Shrike bombers and salvaged ships, it posesses funny looks, flappy tentacles, high quality wooden blocks, a huge jet, tattered rags (former Onyx Watch sails), a balloon and 10 single-block fragmentation bombs.
Crafted of scrap material left after a previous disasterous fight, Flying Squirrels were made in a desperate attempt to slow down Onyx Watch advancement. Their sole purpose was just to win some precious time for DWG to regroup. Instead, the 1st Flying Squirrel Squadron won the battle and produced more scrap material which, in turn, was used for production of more Flying Squirrels.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

Known for its "wobbly" flight-path, it is not the easiest target for AA-weapons. However, it is also very fragile, and will often be destroyed in just a single hit.

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