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Fortresses are quasi-static constructs.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Fortresses are characterized by Sky Fortress Turbines, which allow them to hover perfectly statically, and even allow a very slow rate of movement (about 1 m/s). They are unaffected by physics, making them a good choice for permanent resource gathering bases, as unlike vehicles there is no risk of them unintentionally drifting out of resource zones, and unlike structures they do not require a connection to the ground.

Components[edit | edit source]

For a fortress of mass and center-of-mass height above surface level the base static power draw is

where is the game speed (a bug).

This is then multiplied by an efficiency factor according to the base power draw and the number of turbines to get the net power draw:

Each turbine holds up to 10000 MJ of energy and can sustain a power draw of 10000 MW. If the turbines run out of power, components on the fortress will start to take damage at the rate of 1 damage per missing MJ of energy.

The Fortress Controller allows the fortress to be moved along any of its six axes at 1 m/s and/or yawed at 10 degrees/s. Each costs 1 power per 8 tons with the same efficiency factor as above.