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Article layout[edit source]

Components[edit source]

Required sections[edit source]

Each page should consist of

  • Contents
  • Usage - short description on the component and it's purpose.
  • Requirements - if applicable.
  • Output - if applicable
  • Modes - if applicable
  • Controls - if applicable
  • Limitations
  • Media
  • History
Templates[edit source]

All component pages should use the {{Component}} to display the key attributes about that component.

Writing style[edit source]

Grammar[edit source]

Page titles[edit source]

Component page titles should be given a capital letter. In the case where the page requires two words, you should capitalise each word, e.g. 'Sail Winch'.

Language[edit source]

All contributions should be in British English. E.g. You should use "colour" instead of "color".