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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Black Powder Antiques
Difficulty Regular
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 25
Volume in m³ 8,769
Spawn Chance 20% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 7.5
Additional Information
Armament 5 lasers facing upwards

1 turreted AA-cannon

Made in tandem with the highly successful Halberd for combating against the Deepwater Guard aerial assaults, the Glaive is a dedicated anti-air ship that is armed with a standard cannon, but more importantly, laser batteries that destroy and disintegrate any aircraft that fly over it, and it definitely shows the true potential of Black Powder Antiques in modern warfare.

Performance[edit | edit source]

A dedicated anti-air vehicle. Her lasers are hull-mounted and can only fire upwards, with an elevation of 45° or more. Moreover, she is protected by LAMS.

Her armour is spaced in many parts of the vessel, making HEAT less effective. However, the turret is protected by only 1m metal. The Laser Optics are protected by only 1m Light-Weight Alloy, and in some places that alloy is replaced with Window Blocks. It should be relatively easy to disarm her, if getting past the LAMS.

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