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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Lochforge Industrial Marine
Difficulty Regular
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 12
Volume in m³ 7,091
Spawn Chance 20% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 6.1
Additional Information
Armament CRAMs: 1 turret, 3 per side in broadside mounts

single AA cannon (airburst frag)

Armour varying amounts of metal

Performance[edit | edit source]

A castleship broadsider with a single turret at the bow. She has an AA-cannon, providing limited protection against planes.

Her armour varies from 1m metal on the side of the Fuel Engine below the turret, to 2m metal, spacing, and another metre of metal around the ammo. The deck is mostly wooden, and easily pierced The keel is poorly protected as well, consisting of just 1m metal. The broadsiding CRAM Cannons use unfused APHE, the turret unfused HE. The AA-cannon will only fire at targets above 30m altitude, making it possible to swarm the Catapult with several smaller ships, which her CRAM Cannons will have trouble hitting.

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