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General Info
Faction Steel Striders
Corporation Rapromium Heavy Industries
Difficulty Regular
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 45
Volume in m³ 26077.13m
Spawn Chance 20% in All Designs, 20% in GSPG, 20% in SwFJE, 20% in FFaS, 20% in 20% in SaS
Top Speed in m/s 8.84
Additional Information
Armament 8x 380mm APS
8x 179mm APS
1x 120mm APS
6x 1000mm CRAMs
Armour 1m Metal
Material Cost 296,813

Summary[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Grand Ol'Gal, pride of the navy, most decorated ship on the face of neter, a true veteran. Generations of crew men have served her, the current captain Admiral Kirktan is the 5th of his family to have sailed her through the "soup". However it's was his Grandfather who was immortalised by the Guernsey, as it was he who led her crew to mutiny twice, making her the only ship to do so.  He sailed her to the heart of the city blocked the river and beaching her in front of parliament to protest their plans on sending her to the breakers yard, a dishonourable and poor end to such a gilded ship. In the end the public came to her rescue, finding solidarity with the crew and beginning riots until she was safe. Despite the Tyr classes designation as flag ships, many sailors still view the Guernsey as the true flagship of the fleet.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

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