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Summary[edit | edit source]

The History of Neter is very rich, although not very fleshed out yet.

Age of Ascension[edit | edit source]

Gray Talons take to the skies, around 200 years before player enters game. They abandon all surface ships and submarines to get into the air with their new sky battleships.

Scarlet Dawn Invasion[edit | edit source]

The Scarlet Dawn launch their invasion force, around 120 years before player enters game. They spend 30 years in transit, and attack immediately on arrival. They find that they are thoroughly unprepared for atmospheric warfare, but they manage to adapt some of their equipment for atmospheric combat in time to combat the current governing body, the Steel Empire. The Empire was also unprepared for defending from an invasion of this scale, but since they had control of every resource zone on Neter except for the ones controlled by the Gray Talons, they were able to use all of their resources and help from the Talons to halt the invasion.

Onyx Watch Secession[edit | edit source]

As the Steel Empire had directed all of their forces to fend off the invaders, the trade fleets of the Cold Loch were left undefended from pirates originating in Janwall, causing them to break off and form the Onyx Watch so they could spend their money on defending themselves, instead of their tax money being spent on a war they thought was irrelevant to them.

White Flayers overthrow the Steel Empire[edit | edit source]

After all of the defending garrisons had been moved to the front lines from the Steel Empire's heartland of High Lorham, and taxes had been increased to deal with rapidly increasing costs of repairing and building fleets, a religious movement worshiping a "Flayed God" appeared. The movement rapidly grew until it had more than 50% the population of High Lorham in its following, due to promising a near perfect afterlife. The High Priests of the movement regularly drugged their massive following, causing the worshipers to become so crazed that they would fight and die willingly at the command of any High Priest. Feeling that they had amassed a following large enough, the Priests led a full scale upheaval at the end of the war. They quickly captured most of the heartlands and capitol of the Steel Empire, leaving the remaining populations to the north and southeast to fend for themselves and forming the White Flayers.

Steel Striders Form[edit | edit source]

The remaining populations left ungoverned after the WF upheaval joined to become the Steel Striders. The vehicles and technology left within their northern was somewhat outdated compared to the technology inherited by the White Flayers, but with dedicated engineers and scientists unhindered by mind-altering drugs, they were able to quickly overtake WF by taking to the skies with highly advanced aircraft and thrustercraft. Although their research left their navy far behind the White Flayers' technology, their fliers ended up much more powerful.

Lightning Hoods Secession[edit | edit source]

The southwest section of the Steel Striders was home to a great many corporations that paid little attention to copyright law, leading the government to have nearly everyone in the territory on one wanted list or another for various different crimes. The corporations had eventually stolen so much technology from each other and the Steel Striders allies, that SS eventually tried to punish all of them by sending a fleet of warships to take care of them. The corporations were more than ready with many highly advanced warships powerful enough to destroy the outdated fleet sent by the Striders. Instead of continuing to be notified of copyright violations, the corporations came together to form the Lightning Hoods, a large group of technology bandits that steal technology from anyone and everyone.