Jacob's Folly

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Jacob's Folly
Jacob's Folly.png
General Info
Faction Deepwater Guard
Corporation Pirate Lord Goldwater
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points N/A
Volume in m³ 5,502.262
Spawn Chance 10% in P.L. Goldwater
Top Speed in m/s 6.617055
Additional Information
Armament Four front-turreted 1406mm CRAM Cannons, two rear-turreted 395mm CRAM Cannons, and eight explosive sonar-guided torpedoes.
Armour Mostly wooden, little metal
Material Cost 87,919

The family houseboat of the Jacobs family was extensively retrofitted by their son after his parents tragically passed away in a freak fishing accident. The young pirate turned the old wooden tugboat into a small death machine with the addition of 6 artillery turrets and a few torpedoes for good measure. He made sure that his parents' legacy would never be forgotten.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

Neither fast nor well-armoured. The torpedoes can be an issue for ships, so the easiest way to take it down would be to use something that flies.

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