Key Bindings

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Main game mode[edit | edit source]

Character[edit | edit source]

Key Binding
W/S Move forward/back
A/D Move left/right
Space/Alt Move up (jump)/down
Tab Change camera mode (first person, free)
Left mouse Primary item use
Right mouse Secondary item use
Scroll wheel Change active weapon group
Caps Lock Follow last fired projectile
Q Interact with component
0-9 Select item
B Go to build mode

Vehicle[edit | edit source]

Key Binding
Q Cycle mode (land/water/air)
T/G Increase/decrease throttle
U/J Pitch down/up
Y/I Yaw left/right
H/K Roll left/right
Ctrl, Middle mouse Fire weapons

Other interfaces[edit | edit source]

Key Binding
F12 Screenshot
F9 Toggle HUD
F10 Toggle fancy wood blocks
F2 Cycle weather
X Spawn interface
C AI interface
N Tactical interface
M Map interface
Z Character sheet interface
V Vehicle interface
+/- Speed up/slow down time

Build mode[edit | edit source]

Key Binding
B Exit build mode
W/S Move forward/back
A/D Move left/right
Space/Alt Move up /down
E Select component
G Point component in direction of camera
Tab Hold and use Q/E, W/S, A/D to rotate component
Left mouse Place component
Right mouse Delete component
N Mirror. If close to horizontal, will mirror across the vertical plane most closely aligned with the camera. If close to vertical, will mirror across the horizontal plane. Mirrors through the center of the current block; press N again to mirror across the side of the block.
F Flood fill. Fills in a 2D boundary with a "wall". Look directly into the future wall before pressing F.