Laser Steering Optics

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Laser Steering Optics
Health 250
Armour Class 8
Structural Unknown
Weight 20
Relative Buoyancy Unknown
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 20

Laser Steering Optics are placed directly in front of the Laser Combiner in an offensive Laser system. They do not increase the damage of the Laser system but instead increase the field of fire and decrease the inaccuracy.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The Laser Combiner alone has an inaccuracy of 10°

Assuming a starting accuracy of 5;

Number of Steering Optics Inaccuracy (°)
0 5
1 5/1.5, 3.33
2 5/2.0, 2.5
3 5/2.5, 2
4 5/3.0, 1.67
5 5/3.5, 1.43

Whereas the Laser Optics increase the denominator by 1, Laser Steering Optics increase it by 0.5. You can also double everything and have the numerator as 10 if it makes it simpler.

The Inaccuracy effect does not depend on the order of the optics, only on the amount.

Inaccuracy = 5 / {<Number of Laser Optics> + (0.5 x <Number of Steering Optics>)}