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Properties[edit | edit source]

Fleet[edit | edit source]

FleetInfo Fleet (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Information about the ship's fleet.

FleetIndex[edit | edit source]

Int32 FleetIndex (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Position of the ship within the fleet.

IsFlagship[edit | edit source]

Boolean IsFlagship (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Is the ship a flagship within the fleet?

ResourceZones[edit | edit source]

ResourceZoneInfo[] ResourceZones (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Information about nearby resource zones

Resources[edit | edit source]

ResourceInfo Resources (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Information about the ship's available resources.

Waypoint[edit | edit source]

Vector3 Waypoint (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
The ship's fleet movement waypoint

IdealFleetPosition[edit | edit source]

Vector3 IdealFleetPosition
Added in version 1.945.
Relative position of the ship compared to the flagship.

IdealFleetRotation[edit | edit source]

Quaternion IdealFleetRotation
Added in version 1.945.
Relative rotation of the ship compared to the flagship.

AIMode[edit | edit source]

String AIMode (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
Mode of the AI mainframe

ConstructType[edit | edit source]

String ConstructType
Added in version 1.945.
AI's concept of what type of craft this ship is (naval, aerial, fortress, none).

BlueprintSpawners[edit | edit source]

BlueprintSpawnerInfo[] BlueprintSpawners (readonly)
Added in version 1.945.
List of blueprint spawners on the ship.

Fields[edit | edit source]

LogMessages[edit | edit source]

LuaList`1 LogMessages

Functions[edit | edit source]

LogToHud[edit | edit source]

Void LogToHud(System.String message)

Log[edit | edit source]

Void Log(System.String message)

ClearLogs[edit | edit source]

Void ClearLogs()

GetTargetInfo[edit | edit source]

TargetInfo GetTargetInfo(Int32 mainframeIndex, Int32 targetIndex)

GetNumberOfMainframes[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetNumberOfMainframes()

GetNumberOfTargets[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetNumberOfTargets(Int32 mainframeIndex)

GetTargetPositionInfoForPosition[edit | edit source]

TargetPositionInfo GetTargetPositionInfoForPosition(Int32 mainframeIndex, Single x, Single y, Single z)

GetTargetPositionInfo[edit | edit source]

TargetPositionInfo GetTargetPositionInfo(Int32 mainframeIndex, Int32 targetIndex)

GetGravityForAltitude[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetGravityForAltitude(Single f)

GetTerrainAltitudeForPosition[edit | edit source]

Single GetTerrainAltitudeForPosition(Single x, Single y, Single z)

GetTerrainAltitudeForPosition[edit | edit source]

Single GetTerrainAltitudeForPosition(UnityEngine.Vector3 v)

GetTerrainAltitudeForLocalPosition[edit | edit source]

Single GetTerrainAltitudeForLocalPosition(Single x, Single y, Single z)

GetTerrainAltitudeForLocalPosition[edit | edit source]

Single GetTerrainAltitudeForLocalPosition(UnityEngine.Vector3 v)

GetTime[edit | edit source]

Single GetTime()

GetTimeSinceSpawn[edit | edit source]

Single GetTimeSinceSpawn()

GetGameTime[edit | edit source]

Single GetGameTime()

RequestWaterForwards[edit | edit source]

Void RequestWaterForwards(Single n)

TellAiThatWeAreTakingControl[edit | edit source]

Void TellAiThatWeAreTakingControl()

RequestControl[edit | edit source]

Void RequestControl(Int32 mode, Int32 type, Single amount)

RequestThrustControl[edit | edit source]

Void RequestThrustControl(Int32 type)

RequestThrustControl[edit | edit source]

Void RequestThrustControl(Int32 type, Single scale)

RequestComplexControllerStimulus[edit | edit source]

Void RequestComplexControllerStimulus(Int32 stim)

GetConstructRightVector[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructRightVector()

GetConstructUpVector[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructUpVector()

GetConstructForwardVector[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructForwardVector()

GetConstructMaxDimensions[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructMaxDimensions()

GetConstructMinDimensions[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructMinDimensions()

GetConstructRoll[edit | edit source]

Single GetConstructRoll()

GetConstructPitch[edit | edit source]

Single GetConstructPitch()

GetConstructYaw[edit | edit source]

Single GetConstructYaw()

GetVelocityMagnitude[edit | edit source]

Single GetVelocityMagnitude()

GetForwardsVelocityMagnitude[edit | edit source]

Single GetForwardsVelocityMagnitude()

GetVelocityVector[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetVelocityVector()

GetVelocityVectorNormalized[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetVelocityVectorNormalized()

GetConstructPosition[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructPosition()

GetConstructCenterOfMass[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetConstructCenterOfMass()

GetAiPosition[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetAiPosition(Int32 mainframeIndex)

GetLocalAngularVelocity[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetLocalAngularVelocity()

GetAngularVelocity[edit | edit source]

Vector3 GetAngularVelocity()

GetAmmoFraction[edit | edit source]

Single GetAmmoFraction()

GetFuelFraction[edit | edit source]

Single GetFuelFraction()

GetSparesFraction[edit | edit source]

Single GetSparesFraction()

GetHealthFraction[edit | edit source]

Single GetHealthFraction()

IsDocked[edit | edit source]

Boolean IsDocked()

GetHealthFractionDifference[edit | edit source]

Single GetHealthFractionDifference(Single time)

DeployAllBalloons[edit | edit source]

Void DeployAllBalloons()

SeverAllBalloons[edit | edit source]

Void SeverAllBalloons()

Component_GetBlockInfo[edit | edit source]

BlockInfo Component_GetBlockInfo(Int32 type, Int32 index)

Component_GetCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 Component_GetCount(Int32 type)

Component_GetLocalPosition[edit | edit source]

Vector3i Component_GetLocalPosition(Int32 type, Int32 index)

Component_GetBoolLogic[edit | edit source]

Boolean Component_GetBoolLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index)

Component_SetBoolLogic[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetBoolLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index, Boolean affect)

Component_GetFloatLogic[edit | edit source]

Single Component_GetFloatLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index)

Component_SetFloatLogic[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetFloatLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index, Single affect)

Component_GetIntLogic[edit | edit source]

Int32 Component_GetIntLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index)

Component_SetIntLogic[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetIntLogic(Int32 type, Int32 index, Int32 affect)

Component_SetBoolLogicAll[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetBoolLogicAll(Int32 type, Boolean affect)

Component_SetFloatLogicAll[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetFloatLogicAll(Int32 type, Single affect)

Component_SetIntLogicAll[edit | edit source]

Void Component_SetIntLogicAll(Int32 type, Int32 affect)

GetWeaponCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetWeaponCount()

GetWeaponInfo[edit | edit source]

WeaponInfo GetWeaponInfo(Int32 i)

AimWeaponInDirection[edit | edit source]

Int32 AimWeaponInDirection(Int32 i, Single x, Single y, Single z, Int32 slot)

FireWeapon[edit | edit source]

Boolean FireWeapon(Int32 i, Int32 slot)

GetTurretSpinnerCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetTurretSpinnerCount()

GetWeaponCountOnTurretOrSpinner[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetWeaponCountOnTurretOrSpinner(Int32 turretSpinnerIndex)

GetWeaponInfoOnTurretOrSpinner[edit | edit source]

WeaponInfo GetWeaponInfoOnTurretOrSpinner(Int32 turretSpinnerIndex, Int32 i)

AimWeaponInDirectionOnTurretOrSpinner[edit | edit source]

Int32 AimWeaponInDirectionOnTurretOrSpinner(Int32 turretSpinnerIndex, Int32 i, Single x, Single y, Single z, Int32 slot)

FireWeaponOnTurretOrSpinner[edit | edit source]

Boolean FireWeaponOnTurretOrSpinner(Int32 turretSpinnerIndex, Int32 i, Int32 slot)

_GetWeaponInfo[edit | edit source]

WeaponInfo _GetWeaponInfo(AllConstruct C, Int32 i)

_AimWeaponInDirection[edit | edit source]

Int32 _AimWeaponInDirection(AllConstruct C, Int32 i, Single x, Single y, Single z, Int32 slot)

_FireWeapon[edit | edit source]

Boolean _FireWeapon(AllConstruct C, Int32 i, Int32 slot)

Maths_AngleBetweenVectors[edit | edit source]

Single Maths_AngleBetweenVectors(Single v1x, Single v1y, Single v1z, Single v2x, Single v2y, Single v2z)

Maths_AngleBetweenVectors[edit | edit source]

Single Maths_AngleBetweenVectors(UnityEngine.Vector3 v1, UnityEngine.Vector3 v2)

QuaternionToEulerAngles[edit | edit source]

Vector3 QuaternionToEulerAngles(UnityEngine.Quaternion q)

Maths_CreateQuaternion[edit | edit source]

Quaternion Maths_CreateQuaternion(UnityEngine.Vector3 forwards, UnityEngine.Vector3 up)

Maths_CreateVector3[edit | edit source]

Vector3 Maths_CreateVector3(Single x, Single y, Single z)

Maths_RotateVector3[edit | edit source]

Vector3 Maths_RotateVector3(UnityEngine.Vector3 v, UnityEngine.Quaternion r)

GetNumberOfWarnings[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetNumberOfWarnings(Int32 mainframeIndex)

GetMissileWarning[edit | edit source]

MissileWarningInfo GetMissileWarning(Int32 mainframeIndex, Int32 missileIndex)

GetLuaTransceiverCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetLuaTransceiverCount()

GetLuaControlledMissileCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetLuaControlledMissileCount(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex)

GetLuaTransceiverInfo[edit | edit source]

BlockInfo GetLuaTransceiverInfo(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex)

GetLuaControlledMissileInfo[edit | edit source]

MissileWarningInfo GetLuaControlledMissileInfo(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex)

SetLuaControlledMissileAimPoint[edit | edit source]

Void SetLuaControlledMissileAimPoint(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex, Single x, Single y, Single z)

DetonateLuaControlledMissile[edit | edit source]

Void DetonateLuaControlledMissile(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex)

IsLuaControlledMissileAnInterceptor[edit | edit source]

Boolean IsLuaControlledMissileAnInterceptor(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex)

SetLuaControlledMissileInterceptorTarget[edit | edit source]

Void SetLuaControlledMissileInterceptorTarget(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex, Int32 mainframeIndex, Int32 targetIndex)

SetLuaControlledMissileInterceptorStandardGuidanceOnOff[edit | edit source]

Void SetLuaControlledMissileInterceptorStandardGuidanceOnOff(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex, Boolean onOff)

Crash[edit | edit source]

Void Crash()

GetSpinnerCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetSpinnerCount()

GetSpinnerInfo[edit | edit source]

BlockInfo GetSpinnerInfo(Int32 index)

SetSpinnerSpeedFactor[edit | edit source]

Void SetSpinnerSpeedFactor(Int32 index, Single fraction)

SetSpinnerPowerDrive[edit | edit source]

Void SetSpinnerPowerDrive(Int32 index, Single drive)

SetDedicatedHelispinnerUpFraction[edit | edit source]

Void SetDedicatedHelispinnerUpFraction(Int32 index, Single up)

SetSpinnerRotationAngle[edit | edit source]

Void SetSpinnerRotationAngle(Int32 index, Single angle)

SetSpinnerContinuousSpeed[edit | edit source]

Void SetSpinnerContinuousSpeed(Int32 index, Single speed)

SetSpinnerInstaSpin[edit | edit source]

Void SetSpinnerInstaSpin(Int32 index, Single speed)

IsSpinnerDedicatedHelispinner[edit | edit source]

Boolean IsSpinnerDedicatedHelispinner(Int32 index)

IsSpinnerOnHull[edit | edit source]

Boolean IsSpinnerOnHull(Int32 index)

GetFriendlyCount[edit | edit source]

Int32 GetFriendlyCount()

GetFriendlyInfo[edit | edit source]

FriendlyInfo GetFriendlyInfo(Int32 index)

GetFriendlyInfoById[edit | edit source]

FriendlyInfo GetFriendlyInfoById(Int32 id)

MoveFortress[edit | edit source]

Void MoveFortress(UnityEngine.Vector3 direction)
Added in version 1.945.
Move fortress in any direction. Limited to 1 meter.

GetMissileInfo[edit | edit source]

MissileInfo GetMissileInfo(Int32 luaTransceiverIndex, Int32 missileIndex)
This part of the API is unstable and subject to change. Use with caution. (Since 21:48, 29 March 2016 (UTC))
Added in version 1.945.
Get advanced missile bindings.