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General Info
Faction Deepwater Guard
Corporation Pirate Lord Goldwater
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 10
Volume in m³ 5,889.351
Spawn Chance 15% in P.L. Goldwater
Top Speed in m/s 7.0
Additional Information
Armament Single spinal-mount CRAM

Broadside of simple large cannons

Armour Mostly wooden, little metal
Material Cost 18,957

The Marauder was developed around the requirement to fire a 20 gauge fortress buster shell 7km to support DWG operations against the castle forts of the Onyx Watch. Due to its popularity and effectiveness it was mass produced by the hundreds. Over the years, the ships have become out dated and rarely used for real battle. Most are sold off to be used as testing targets for various captains. Some captains rate their own ships by how fast they can sink a Marauder.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

Neither fast nor well-armoured. However, the cannon is quite lethal for a Deepwater Guard easy design of the Marauder's size. Evading the shells is recommended.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The semi-official (see in-game description) main testing target of From the Depths. It's the top-most design when opening the enemy spawner (X-menu) for the first time in designer mode. The AI also stays off if disabling it (using the C-menu), which helps if you need a static target.
    • In addition, its ubiquity as a testing target has also made it a common object used to get a sense of scale when showing images of custom ships. (for reference, a marauder is 70 meters long, 76 including the paddle)

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