Missile Laser Emitter

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Missile Laser Emitter
Laser Emitter.png
Health 100
Armour Class 3
Structural No
Weight 10
Relative Buoyancy +27.7
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 100

The missile laser is used for beam rider missiles and laser target designator missiles. It must be placed on top of a missile block connector, which must connect it to the Missile Controller.

The Laser Emitter creates a targeting laser that missiles can follow.

Application[edit | edit source]

Can be used to guide beam riders or laser designator missiles. Both have the advantage that they can be assigned a target more reliably than with IR-, radar-, or sonar-seekers. Smoke may stop the laser beam, and it relies on the vehicle having accurate detection.

An emitter can even designate targets for other Missile Controllers and vehicles. However, this does not work for beamrider missiles, only for laser designated ones.

Requirement[edit | edit source]

The emitter should be placed next to a Missile 6 Way Connector.

Emitters do not require laser cavities, laser generators or even power to function. The missile needs to be fitted with a Laser Beam Rider Receiver, or a Laser Designator Receiver.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

Laser beam can be easily obstructed by the objects on the path, including the ground.