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General Info
Faction White Flayers
Corporation Lohrmetal
Difficulty Godly
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 40
Volume in m³ 35,963.12
Spawn Chance
Top Speed in m/s 15 m/s
Additional Information
Armament Two twin Particle Cannon turrets, one 12 barreled triple core Particle Cannon turret, 64 small torpedoes, six large Missile silos
Armour Primarily Metal with Heavy Armour reinforcement
Material Cost 1,102,680

The Perforator is the highest costing ship in the White Flayer Navy. Funded by the Flayer High Priest himself and designed by the Lightning Hoods using the most advanced Particle Cannon technology in Neter, this design took years to complete and went over budget multiple times. Though few have been put into service, facing one in battle is something few have survived to see. Sailors with the good sense to abandon ship before the battle begins tells stories of the electric hum the charging cells in the Particle Acceleration Cannon produce before the high pitched shriek and thunderous clap of the cannon firing.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

Perforator is one of the lighter battleships the game has to offer despite it's monstrous size. However it's armament isn't to be underestimated as in close range the Particle Cannon is known to be able to gut ships bow to stern.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Perforator was introduced in 2015 as the flagship of the White Flayer Savaage shipline which was essentially very long narrow hulls with pointed symmetrical bows and a sharply angled superstructure adorned in red thorns. This aesthetic lasted nearly 5 years when the Neter KoTL Katze redesigned the aesthetic and with the help of Majyst rebuilt the WF Perforator.

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