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General Info
Faction Steel Striders
Corporation OCDS Engineering
Difficulty Expert
Type Plane
Campaign Battle Points 20
Volume in m³ 2853.69m
Spawn Chance
Top Speed in m/s 148.84m/s
Additional Information
Material Cost 114,098

Summary[edit | edit source]

Denying claims that a new prototype jet built off the Predator frame intended for the Steel Striders was shot down by the Scarlet Dawn, ODCS Manufacturing has revealed their newest model the Predator X. The presentation to the Steel Striders top generals has shown the Predator X has been improved over the Predator Mk2 in every aspect. Top speed has more then doubled while increasing armor over critical areas of the jet as well as new state of the art energy shields. Dual cannons now have a larger elevation range with increased accuracy and power, missiles have increased range and maneuverability, and bombs are now effective against surface ships and submarines. Classified as a Multirole Combat Aircraft this will fill an important role as a Heavy fighter/bomber capable of decimating large aircraft and ships.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

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