Sensor Scrambler ECM

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Sensor Scrambler ECM
Sensor Scrambler ECM.png
Health 150
Armour Class 5
Structural No
Weight 10
Relative Buoyancy +27.7
Size 1x1x1
Material Cost 100

Interferes with enemy sensors, reducing their accuracy. Uses engine and processing power to do so.
~ In-game description

The Sensor Scrambler ECM uses engine-power to increase the errors of enemy sensors within 5km.

Effect[edit | edit source]

A single Sensor Scrambler block may consume from 100 to 10000 engine-power to run.

  • strength at distance = 2000 * CurrentPower / (2000 + distance) (i.e. 80/67/50/29% of the used power remains at 500/1000/2000/5000m range.)

The strength of several scramblers stacks, though the inaccuracy-increase has diminishing returns with strength:

Enemy detector affected in the area will have an accuracy penalty of:

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  • Sensor accuracy = 1 - 0.75 *[ MIN(strength, 20000) / 20000) ]^0.25f (i.e. 76% for 100 power, 57% for 1000, 24% for 10000.)

E.g. to get 100 strength or 76% accuracy at 500m you need 125 power (due to falloff with range). Adding a second sensor scrambler at 2km range, you need 1,800 power on the second scrambler to increase the total strength to 1000, and the accuracy to 57%.

Contrary to its description, it uses only engine-power, but does not use the AI's processing.

Other Usage[edit | edit source]

Engine power drain[edit | edit source]

The variable power consumption is an quick and easy way to increase power demand when stress testing engines on an engine raft.

History[edit | edit source]

Game Version Description
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Signal jammer replaced with Sensor scrambler ECM",
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Sensor scrambler uses power and reduces bearing/range accuracy of enemy sensors.
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Sensor scrambler strength falls off with distance: 80/67/50/29% at 500/1000/2000/5000m.
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Sensor scramblers stack, their effective strength is summed to determine the accuracy reduction.
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Sensor accuracy multiplied by: 10 + (MIN(SCRAMBLERS_POWER_SUM, 20000) / 20000) ^ 0.25. 76% for 100 power, 57% for 1000, 24% for 10000.
  • <Change><Sensor scrambler ECM>: Remote guidance missile direct accuracy reduction from jammers removed(they are affected by worse detection.
  • <Change><Missiles>: Signal jammer maximum error added to remote guidance reduced from 15m to 10m.
  • [Change] <Missile decoys>: Remote guidance error added by signal jammer down to 75%
  • [Add] <Missile signal jammer>: Currently uses 100-10000 power, that translates to 0.1-1 jamming strength in a ~300-1000m radius. Strength decreases further from the jammer
  • [Add] <Missile signal jammer>: Each 0.1 strength adds ~1.5m inaccuracy to enemy remote guided missiles(only the strongest counts)
  • [Add] <Missile signal jammer>: New AI block: signal jammer, attaches to mainframes/connectors
  • [Add] <Missile signal jammer>: This means small fighters can get away with 100-200 power and have a decent defense against remotes(or a carrier can cover them from up to 1Km out)
  • [Add] <Missile signal jammer>: Uses power and interferes with enemy electronics(read: remote guidance missiles)