Simple Weapons

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Rams[edit | edit source]

Damage dealt by rams upon impact is 2*mass*velocity

Cannons[edit | edit source]

Name Damage AP Reload time Velocity Ammo Cost per shot
Small Cannon 9000 1 4 120 10
Large Cannon 15000 2 8 150 30
Auto Cannon 500x9 4 3 250 10
laser 1600/s 10 10 n/a 40

Drills[edit | edit source]

Drill mass is 0.5+(Extensions*0.5)+(SmallDrillBits)+(LargeDrillBits*4). Maximum Drill spin speed is TorqueAmplifiers*20/DrillMass. Drill spin increase rate is PowerInputs*4/DrillMass.

Drills deal kinetic-type damage with a damage value of SpinSpeed*50. Drill AP is SpinSpeed/10 for large drills and SpinSpeed/5 for small drills, losing Damage/(50*DrillMass)speed in the proccess.