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Smoke is used as a defense against lasers.

Deployment[edit | edit source]

Smoke dispensers[edit | edit source]

Smoke dispensers can be attached to an AI and are triggered by Laser Warners. Dispensers take 40 seconds to reload.

Smoke shells[edit | edit source]

Advanced Cannons can fire smoke shells.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When activated, the Smoke Dispenser creates a smoke cloud with a spherical boundary. The radius reaches its maximum of 20 m in 5 seconds and lasts for 18 seconds (total).

The cloud suffers from drag, but as long as the vehicle that deployed the smoke or was hit by the smoke shell is within the cloud, the cloud will inherit the vehicle's velocity when it is spawned and the cloud's velocity will be dragged by the vehicle's velocity thereafter. For a vehicle at constant velocity, the cloud will move at about 5/6 of the speed of the vehicle at equilibrium.

Any laser beam whose starting point is on one side of the boundary and whose ending point is on the other side of the boundary has its damage attenuated by 90% and stacks. The distance through the cloud does not matter, and laser beams that pass completely through the cloud or start and end inside the cloud are unaffected.