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Space is the uppermost domain in From the Depths.

Gravity[edit | edit source]

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Space is defined by a lessening of gravity. At base, gravity begins decreasing linearly at 500 m and reaches zero at 900 m. The region between 500 m and 900 m can be called suborbital space, and above 900 m orbital space. These altitudes can be lowered by the Space Captain buff. With enough levels of Space Captain it is possible for gravity to reach zero within the atmosphere.

Neter has an escape velocity from sea level of 117.2 m/s.

Proposed classification:

Altitude Domain
0 - 300 m Thick air
300 - 500 m Thin air
500 - 900 m Suborbital space
900 m and above Orbital space

Drag[edit | edit source]

Despite the lack of atmosphere, there is still drag in space.

Components[edit | edit source]

Ion Thruster[edit | edit source]

The Ion Thruster (under the Air category) is the only type of thruster to work in space. They can also work in the atmosphere and underwater, but are less efficient than other thrusters for doing so. Compared to (simple) Jet Engines, Ion Thrusters have 60% of the power efficiency and 30% of the thrust density, which correspond to a a break-even altitude of 380 m and 440 m respectively. They produce no heat in comparison to jets meaning that they are an option for stealth planes.