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General Info
Faction Onyx Watch
Corporation Lochforge Industrial Marine
Difficulty Godly
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points 45
Volume in m³ 23,009.7
Spawn Chance 40% in OW
Top Speed in m/s 8.2
Additional Information
Armament 2 twin CRAM turrets on the sides
3 triple APS turrets
single AA "ballista" (airburst frag)
Material Cost 215,087

The Steel Striders' use of Laser Anti-Munition Systems left a large portion of the Onyx Watch military fleet crippled after a large battle. This was due to the LAMS stopping any Onyx Watch advances. The Trebuchet was created to have faster shells, as to move faster than the LAMS could feasibly detect and shoot them down. A damaged Ransack hull, recently stolen from the Deepwater Guard, had its guns studied meticulously, due to their fast fire rate. The Onyx Watch managed to reverse engineer those shells, except making them far larger, forming the Trebuchet's main, and very scary, armament. It was rumoured that in the first battle the Trebuchet was ever in, she was ambushed by Steel Striders forces, without any screening escorts. And in this fabled battle, her mighty guns beat not only the Gannus and her screening ships, but heavily damaged a passing Tyr battlecruiser.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Trebuchet is armed with ten superfiring maximum-gauge Advanced Cannons firing pure HE and HE/smoke, four 1483mm CRAM Cannons also firing HE rounds, and a rapid-fire 88mm cannon firing fragmentation rounds. She can make 6 metres per second speed and is designed to face towards her enemy; her entire battery is capable of firing straight forward and her main battery can also fire due left or right, with her crown turret able to even rotate 180 degrees and fire straight behind her. She has a powerful LAMS defence that covers all sides except behind her. She also has a respectable, if not so extensive, smoke defence system.

If fighting her, as her description indicates, she is well suited to destroying craft with LAMS defences, and she is a formidable opponent all around. However, she performs best against slower craft armed with projectile weapons. She has sturdy armour, especially on her front side, but her turrets have no ejectors and will pop if the clips are damaged. A plethora of air gaps reduce the effect of HEAT and HESH type weapons. She has a passive sonar, but as with many OW craft, she has no effective anti-submarine weapons, and while she is very dangerous to almost any surface ship, she is relatively vulnerable to attack from the air. Strategically, her slow movement speed allows her to be simply avoided by faster craft.

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