Version 1.602 (Dev only)

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Version 1.602 (Dev only)
Version Date 05 May 2015

Version chronology

Previous Version Next Version
Version 1.60 (Dev only) Version 1.603 (Dev only)

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This should fix everything that has been brought to my attention since last night.

Light level reduced on neter Shadows reenabled Remove resource zone button added GT design crashes (and cause) fixed Scrapper GUI fixed Fleet movement over terrain fixed Spawning in main menu fixed Faction installations no longer have 10% subscription to base generic fleet Browser added for selecting vehicles in map editor New factions have correct default color Territory assignment faction drop down updates When you retreat you retreat to a garrison location Cloud layer shader simplified - still have flickering pixel issues? Error catched added to save game GUI Errors fixed on Special Fleet new force drop down Resource zones shown on map when they are visibile, not when the map board section's core is visible (a Fog of War thing) A bunch of other tweaks and fixes AIm point selection targets ammo first again Qualification GUI spawns all vehicles under test with proper separation. Mountains no longer appear beyond visible range Player respawn GUI resets (avoids locking you out of saving the campaign) Unlock system works (needed game to be reset to unlock stuff)