Version 1.60 (Dev only)

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Version 1.60 (Dev only)
Version Date 04 May 2015

Version chronology

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Version 1.596 Version 1.602 (Dev only)

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1.60 has arrived in development branch. Changes are too numerous to mention but let me identify the problems you'll find in it...

1) Your saves in the 1.59 campaign will not work. Ever. Go back to stable branch if you need to open a save, save a vehicle to a blueprint file etc.

2) Your progress through story missions will not follow on from 1.59 to 1.6. You'll need to win those missions again.

3) The way to make a new "custom planet" is to go to the map editor and basically save the planet. You then need to hit "Generate new Identifier" in the main setting's "edit" tab. If you don't do this then FtD will think your planet is a later version of Neter and will start to do crazy things like delete story mission progression (if you delete those story missions in your planet). I'll try and find a work around to make this automatically happen- but in the mean time- generate a new identifier manually.

4) There is no auto save in the map editor. I recommend since this is the first release of the map editor you save to a couple of different files. A backup system (with a single backup) is automatically in place (same as for blueprints).

5) Heartstones are required in the story missions.

6) There may be some serious problems with it so please do post in the bug reports section anything you can find (screen shots of problem are a plus) so I can fix as soon as possible