Version 1.95888

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Version 1.95888
Version Date 26 September, 2016

Version chronology

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Version 1.95885 Version 666

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Prefabs and Sub objects are all loaded in a second thread (removes the delay before accessing the inventory screen). Load is done when profile loaded. Permanent inventory prefabs also loaded in second thread.

Textures are now loaded from resources to speed up game boot time. The textures the vanilla game uses are still available in the modding folders if you want to modify them and override them.

All in all the game should now be back to booting up in about 30 seconds or less and will not pause when you access the prefab or sub object inventory tabs or when you click the multiplayer button.

Some small bugs are fixed

The naming convention for mod files has changed. They are no longer numbered (which led to a lot of annoying version control issues).

Steam cloud activated for your entire From the Depths folder. Let me know if it creates any issues.

Other khaz changes:

  • planetswapper buttons moved down 5 pixels to prevent bottom of text being cut off
  • Tips of the day; spelling/grammar and general wording updated.
  • "Progress, Community and Contribute" button changed to "Patch notes, Community and Bug reports"
  • Whats changed bar in community section widened to cover the top evenly from left to right instead of starting in the middle and going right
  • Options Tabs made more descriptive and rearanged to be more intuitive
  • Qualification mode now has tooltip for what it does
  • Vehicle select in qualification mode now has test vehicle height heading for altitude buttons
  • New campaign options text updated
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard difficulty preset buttons added.
  • Notice that saved games are world specific on load game menu
  • Story missions default to "Player" tab if nothing selected (looks really odd if nothing selected)
  • Story mission, mission select tab wider (prevent faction name text cut off)
  • Space designer platform now has required down thrusters
  • Adventure mode spawn height 50 instead of 100 (less chance of falling into the ocean, less awkward green from no heatstone)
  • Missile menu -left +right swapped to correct sides
  • Simple Tutorial now has a seat bit so players dont fall out
  • Tutorial vehicles now have seats for players to start on or spawn location lowered
  • Tutorials updated for changes in game, some derps like GP cards on card slots instead of connectors etc (heli tutorial doesnt end)
  • Heli tutorial never actually ended – fixed now
  • 1m omni mantlet texture fix
  • Copy/paste, copy to all Added to Missile winches, Belt Feb autoloaders, laser colorer
  • Laser colorer secondary return updated to say if connected
  • Laser wavefront secondary return updated
  • Missile carry across all settings on assign. Ejection angle etc.
  • Ammo processor sub meshes now carry with main block
  • new light and smoke emitter deco blocks
  • APS trail set to diameter with a minimum of 150mm (the old default)
  • APS ammo component spelling fixed
  • APS trail shorter, wider and now scale with gauge from a minimum of 150mm (Easier to see, especially the light blue tracers)
  • Missile trail slider in options now (this may default to zero, make sure to apply it)
  • Particle effects redone for most emitter (missiles, jets,smoke etc) to not be so wasteful (and hopefully look better)
  • Pulse lasers now have the full effect set and a nice fade
  • Visible tracer color customise actually show colour in description
  • Inventory layout for structural blocks moved around a bit slightly so blocks no longer over checklist
  • Spawn block and Scrap/respawner block max range now 100 from 30
  • Toon ramp and Outline standardised between all game materials (0.009 for components and 0.02 for structural blocks)

There's probably quite a few more that didn't get written down so If you spot any post em up and I'll add them to the list Smile -khaz