Version 1.962

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Version 1.962
Version Date 18 November, 2016

Version chronology

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Version 1.96 Version 1.964

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Bit of a mini patch for you guys:

  • [Bug fix] Turrets rotating while game paused (key shortcut F11) fixed
  • [Bug fix] Fixed a Multiplayer Issues that would mean all orders would go to the same AI mainframe, potentially
  • [Bug fix] Railgun magnet particle effect fixed
  • [Bug fix] Steam Engine controller duplication bug fixed
  • [Bug fix] Huge ion thruster mesh alignment fixed
  • [Bug fix] Spelling typo fixed in local weapon controller failsafe popup
  • [Bug fix] Laser wavefront Q menu fixed
  • [Bug fix] Tracer tutorial repeatable for XP fixed
  • [Improvement] Additional particle effects updated (laser hits, explosions)
  • [other] Last of the plasma models/meshes added to the modding interface under laser tab for modders to experiment with. (use the APS texture set, UV mapping is all set up)

Most of the particle systems have been redone now. You should be able to have particle factor at max with no noticeable slowdown. I recommend having a check on your system for the fps difference between 0 and 1 particle factor (in options-gameplay and level of detail). Easiest way to track fps is to enable steam overlay's fps counter (shift-tab and tick fps checkbox).

In the next week there should be a tonne of bug fixes, so while we are still interested to hear suggestions for the game/mechanics and such we will be more focused on the ubiquitous bugs for the short term. Posts in the Bugs section of the forum for current bugs will be much appreciated, even if they're from many versions ago (old ongoing bugs).