Version 1.964

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Version 1.964
Version Date 7 December, 2016

Version chronology

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Version 1.962 Version 1.965

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Another small patch:


  • Post processing (much more vibrant)
  • Shields no longer cast shadows
  • Shield spike follows colour changers settings
  • Low level detail blocks no longer receive/cast shadows (fps boost)
  • ERA armour now reduces all explosive damage and radius to 20% of original
  • Tactical nuke damage increased significantly
  • Torpedo propeller thrust doubled, fuel use increased by 50%
  • Missile magnet range and force doubled


  • Material per second instead of fuel per second in v menu power tab for steam engines
  • Custom jet error that prevents spawning in campaign
  • Fleet manager error fix (probably not a noticeable difference for players)
  • Fuel engine NaN fuel information error fix
  • Torpedo buoyancy and depth (rather than one or the other)
  • Gauge cooler particle system tied to firing piece instead of coolers (minor fps upgrade)
  • Fixed APS proxy bug that ignores shields for fragments (proxy EMP bug still exists)
  • Cram cannons taking ammo even if full bug fixed
  • APS barrels sometimes not returning to non fire position fixed
  • Exhaust and steam empty space bug fixed if node destroyed
  • Docking port rotation reapplys on docking after being undocked
  • Oil drills now use the same power as resource gathers
  • Missile underwater null reference error fixed
  • Inertial fuse defaulting to 10 bug fixed