Version 1.965

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Version 1.965
Version Date 16 December, 2016

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Khaz will pop in later with the coding changes, I think it has to do with exhaust and Spinning barrels.

Content Update:
Mostly a bunch of Updates to AoTE tanks like OW craft and WF stuff.
Basically, if you saw a design horribly under-performing in a Lathrix video, then we fixed the mistakes (Rhino fixed and massively buffed)

SE "Bear" replaced

WFs 2 Elites spawn rate decreased

WF Smite spawn rate increased

DW has had their planes updated some more

Neter has had the WF Veles Replaced

"A cold Loch Christmas" has been added to the built in section, you can now load the world and check over designs to work on them if you want but the campaign is unfinished (but technically playable).

This update was put through 12 hours ago so anything ive taken in the last 12 hours did not go in this patch.
Feel free to look over these designs and quality check them.

  • khaz edit*
  • steam hull pipe
  • slight railgun particle update
  • barrels now rotate when RPM set and tickbox checked
  • railgun magnets can now be set to not rotate with tickbox
  • turbine fins double sided (probably not noticed at all by the public)
  • copperhead prefab updated
  • minor missile gui fix
  • updated EMP and smoke particles
  • APS beltfed now shows loading modifiers
  • jet and ion trail widths by block size
  • ion trail length added to the trail length options setting
  • General purpose PID, altitude over terrain setting added
  • ACB settings for patrol and fleet move added to mainframe options
  • graviton self propulsion bug fixed (you knew it as coming Tongue)