Version 1.966

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Version 1.966
Version Date 23 December, 2016

Version chronology

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Version 1.965 Version 1.967

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This Update contains the new Christmas Campaign called "A cold Loch Christmas"
[Image: 815f13102c.jpg]

Fun designs made by the community with a few rather strong beast in there.

In addition to this campaign the following things were changed

WF Desecrator Replaced
WF Perferator updated with better shells and a bit of armoring
SS Excalibur heavily updated

Many GT updates and a couple Unit replacements done by Vorpalim and Neekap
[Image: 06e9c5500b.png]

Deleted from game:
SS Benson
SS Cestus
SS Hammerhead (will be replaced)
SS Guernsey (Being replaced)

LH PID stabilization put in
SS Bear Replaced with the correct new design

Plus the usual minor changes to various designs