Version 1.967

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Version 1.967
Version Date 8 February, 2017

Version chronology

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Version 1.966 Version 1.968

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Minor updates to Content only (Majyst Stuff)

A Cold Loch Christmas The Christmas Event has been Removed!


Removed: DWG Dallasclass Fortress DWG The tower LH Jorogumo LH Raddish SS Hammerhead

Updated: Most of SS has been update to not only function better but also has had Minor Aethetic changes applied to many ships to smooth out the uglier edges. This work has been done mostly by Zagskrag and Mech_Romancer

Usual updates to other faction units also, mostly in OW, WF and GT.

Replaced: SS Guernsey SS Tigershark WF Desecrator SS Watchman

AoTE SS Orion Replaced

Typical minor updates to a few other designs

Dangerous Waters

The Building restriction has been removed. You can now load in your own designs into the campaign or modify the built in designs. However, keep in mind that the ships are balanced to the built in designs, not your designs. If you load in your uber spam 30k ship and come to the forums complaining the campaign is too easy I will come to your house and take away your computer.

That is all. Smiley