Version 1.969

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Version 1.969
Version Date 12 May, 2017

Version chronology

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Version 1.968 Version 2.0

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Sneaking in a small patch before the next step of Unity 5.6 and FTD 2.0

[Bug fix] Multiplayer campaign time being reset on loading save fixed [Bug fix] Game paused on instance load after crash bug fixed [Bug fix] Missiles being offset occasionally on fast craft when using 'apply to all' bug fixed [Improvement] Wireless transmitter now controllable via ACB [Improvement] New models for turrets, rubber, Rams and simple weapons [Improvement] New simple laser fire sound (should help everyones eardrums) [Change] Simple weapons substantially improved. Stats for them will require testing and feedback

The Unity 5.6 upgrade is on the way!

Expect a bit of a performance boost initially, followed by the potential for more performance enhancements as well as better graphics with all sorts of gubbins in the future as we extract the precious potential of Unity 5.6.

Whether FTD 2.0 or the Unity 5.6 upgrade hits first is still a race at this stage.

If your having issues, remove any mods installed until the mod compatibly is back up.

Generic simple weapon changes:

  • Health, armour and weight normalised to the equivalent of a metal block per space
  • Some minor cost changes

Cannons (small/large):

  • Recoil- 2000/4000 from 2/2000
  • Azimuth movement- 45/40 from 45/30 degrees
  • Reload time- 4/8 from 4/4 seconds
  • Velocity- 120/150 from 50/60 m/s
  • Damage 9000/15000 from 250/600
  • Armour Pierce- 1/2 from 3/4 AP
  • Accuracy 2/1.7 from 4/4 degrees


  • Velocity- 250 from 100 m/s
  • Damage 500 from 75
  • Armour Pierce- 3 from 2 AP
  • Duration of 9 round burst- 1.125 from 0.225 seconds


  • Range- 500 from 100 m
  • Armour Pierce- 10 from 1 AP
  • Ramp up time before fire- 2 from 4 seconds
  • Damage per second during burst- 1600 from 400
  • Burst duration- 5 from 11 seconds
  • Reload time between bursts- 3 from 5 seconds