Version 666.2

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Version 666.2
Version Date 8 November, 2016

Version chronology

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Version 666 Version 1.96

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This update is just content update I believe. Since the last Halloween update there hasn't been many major changes to content.

  • From the Shadows

Some of the broken Halloween designs are fixed (Flying head, witches hat missing its eyeball, empty clips, etc)

  • Quest for Neter

New hidden diplomacy settings finished. Now when you defeat a faction a pop up message will appear and there is a chance that your relations with other factions may go up or down. These random chances may drag you into wars you are not ready for. (as opposed to before you decided who you attack next whenever you feel like it)

Also, Usual design fixes and stuff.

  • Ashes of the Empire

Halloween Update accidentally carried changes making Elite tanks spawn chance the same as normal tanks. Ive reduce the chance back down. Still higher chance than last month, but lower chance than last week.

Also, some designs that were under performing have been improved.

Dangerous Waters Trying to work out some Kinks with Air units. Sverige back turret fixed

Russian HQ now spawning freebie ships again Players 2 RZs now giving more resources