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General Info
Faction Deepwater Guard
Corporation Pirate Lord Goldwater
Difficulty Easy
Type Ship
Campaign Battle Points Unknown
Volume in m³ 8,431.953
Spawn Chance 5% in P.L. Goldwater
Top Speed in m/s 9
Additional Information
Armament Two Double barrel Side-mount (One per side) CRAM
Armour Mostly wooden, little metal
Material Cost 35,352

Upon capturing the Lost Forest of Eriwick, the Deepwater Guard were left with a resource zone away from their main supply lines. They needed a large cargo ship to ferry resources from that area to their shipyards in the south - And the product of that, was the Walrus cargo ship. It had weak armament to defend itself against smaller foes, but it was ussually escorted, and didn't need any significant weaponry.
~ In-game description

Performance[edit | edit source]

Neither fast nor well-armoured. While able to take some smaller hits, any large volley of fire will rapidly tear the Walrus apart. The cannons are arguably, useless. Suffering from a decade long reload and shells that bounce off of their target frequently, may it be angled or flat, wood or metal. Altough, for it's purpose, it does it's job. Electrically powered and charged, and capable of ferrying 100k to 300k+ of each resource, makes it a decent cargoship.

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