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Water is the lowest traversable domain, lying below the air.

Propeller[edit | edit source]

Rudder[edit | edit source]

For total construct mass , forward velocity , and side velocity rudder force is

"Foward" and "side" are relative to the rudder orientation. An upside-down rudder therefore produces force in the opposite of the standard direction. Placing a rudder backwards makes no difference; while the sides are swapped, so is the forward direction.

Paddles[edit | edit source]

  • Paddle - When underwater, paddles produce 2.5 kN thrust per m/s that they are traveling relative to the game world, in the opposite direction that they are traveling. They are not affected by motor drive.

Sails[edit | edit source]

Sails - Triangular sails have half the area (and therefore thrust) of square sails. However, they have greater ability to sail close to the wind. They are most effective when meeting the wind at an angle. Square sails are most effective when sailing downwind.