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Weapons are systems designed to damage and destroy hostile vehicles. Ranging from single-block Simple Weapons, to high-tech weapons like Particle Cannons.

Simple Weapons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Simple Weapons

Whereas most other weapon types feature a high level of customizability, these weapons forego that customizability in favour of -you guessed it- Simplicity! Each simple weapon (with one or two exceptions) is a self-contained system, all they need is ammunition! or engine power! but most of them just need lots and lots of ammo!

Of course, seeing as you can't really customize them all that much yourself, we've been nice enough to make one for every occasion... Or, we tried. Anyway, here's the list.

Type Subtype Name Effective Range Description
Ram Punching distance It's a ram. You stick it into the enemy and it makes a hole where it hits.

What do you mean "going too fast"? Ram means Ram! Not "Nudge", RAM!

Powered Drill Arm-flailing distance A ram, but it makes a hole even when the helmsman is being a coward.
Fixed Like Melee weapons, Fixed weapons don't do much in the way of aiming.

Thus, you'll have to aim your whole ship at the target.

Or you could mount the weapon on a turret. That'll work too.

"Salvaged" tech Laser 500m Powered by the light of burning gunpowder (or whatever is in ammo boxes),

this short-range laser produces a scorching beam of thermal energy.

30mm Assault


1250m A light rotary cannon. It's not too powerful on a shot-per-shot basis,

but it does fire lots of them.

60mm Auto Cannon 1500m A heavier counterpart to the assault cannon, this one fires bullets 8 times as big,

and with a longer range thanks to their higher velocity, at the cost of fire rate.

Limited Arc Unlike the Fixed types, these weapons can actually do some aiming on their own.

Not a lot, mind you, but they'll do the job if you can just get them pointed in the

general direction of whatever you want them to shoot at.

Age~of~Sail Rokkits Revolutionary Revolving Blast-Gun 5500m A fully automatic shotgun. No, it can't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside,

but you're not wasting ammo on a poor farmer's barn now, are you?

Age~of~Sail 16 pdr Cannon 1200m A small cannon which does little damage. Only effective en masse.

Is mounted on a self contained turret so has large aim angles.

Age~of~Sail 32 pdr Swivel Gun 1500m A much more powerful version of the small cannon. Still only effective en masse.
Age~of~Sail 64 pdr Cannon 2000m Even larger. Aim angles are reduced, but velocity and damage are far greater.
360-degree While Limited Arc weapons have... well, limited arcs of fire,

these weapons can traverse a full 360-degrees!

(Please set up some firing constraints or else they might shoot their own ship)

R-Class .50 AA Gun 1200m A cheap machinegun. Not very useful unless you're fighting wooden biplanes,

but it has a fairly high muzzle velocity, fitting its "Anti-Aircraft" designation.

T-Class 20mm AA Gun 1260m With twice the hitting power and more than double the magazine capacity,

this four-barreled weapon is a respectable step up from the R-Class .50 AA Gun.

Twin 40mm Mk-H 3000m Solid bullets are fine and dandy, but they can be hard to notice unless they hit.

This gun provides a reasonable solution: time-fuzed explosives!

Quad 40mm Mk-I 3000m Twice the shells, slightly longer reload time. At only 150% the cost, it's a bargain.
Octuple 40mm Mk-S 2400m At some point the ever increasing demands for "more bullets" become harmful,

but that sounds philosophical and, as long as the enemy is in range, irrelevant.

Custom Shell Type-E 60mm Grenade Launcher Variable


This nifty little device takes cartridges up to 300mm in length. The range is so-so,

but it will make a good mess out of a paddlewheel.

Custom Shell Type A 3.7" Gun Variable A 94mm Anti-Aircraft gun that takes shells up to 760mm in length.

It comes with a fuze-setting table, for use with time-fuzed shells.

Custom Shell Type A(L) 3.7" Gun Variable A modification of the Type A, this mount comes fitted with a sturdy gun shield.
Custom Shell Type L Casemated Gun Variable These 130mm naval guns can't elevate high enough for usefulanti-aircraft work,

but with shells up to 1.3m long, they are a menace upon both shore and sea.

Custom Shell Type L(E) Casemated Gun Variable The Type L's larger twin brother, the L(E), uses two longer bored out barrels.

With a new caliber of 150mm, it can fire shells up to 1.8m long.

CRAM Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main article: CRAM Cannon

A CRAM cannon is built similarly to a Custom Cannon which it replaced, its a firing piece with a barrel sticking out of it with some autoloaders,ammo, and gauge increasers. You can use them to make bombs and a variety of ammo types exist for them. CRAM cannons accurately fire high damage shells at a slow rate. They are better at passing through shields compared to Advanced Cannons because of their low shell velocity. The low shell velocity has a drawback however, it is hard to hit targets that are turning or moving unpredictably. Cram shells can reach up to 2 meters wide!

Advanced Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Advanced Cannon

An Advanced Cannon is a complex weapon that uses custom ammo and is often considered more realistic then CRAM. They use gauge increasers in a cylindrical format and autoloaders that have ammunition clips sticking out, how many stick out is up to you. Most Advanced Cannons send each shell through an ammo input feeder, ammo clip, autoloader, gauge increasers or 6 way connectors, the advanced firing piece, a mantlet, and out the barrel.

Advanced Cannons, also called Advanced Projectile Systems (APS), offer huge customization options. You start by designing your shell in the Shell customizer that shows approximately how the shell will perform. Each shell is sent through the ammo input feeder, ammo clip, autoloader, gauge increasers or 6 way connectors, the advanced firing piece, a mantlet, and out the barrel.

Missiles / Torpedoes / Mines[edit | edit source]

Main article: Missile

If you had a chance to play with rockets when you were younger, this shouldn't be too bad for you. But if not, then neither will it be too hard. The concept requires few things to follow. But first, some of what we can achieve here:

- Heat seeking missiles and torpedoes
- Laser guided missiles and torpedoes
- Mines
- Bombs

Lasers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Laser

Lasers are extremely powerful, as they can travel long distances in 0 time and can rip through ships extremely quickly. However, they require huge amounts of power and huge amounts of space in order to be effective.

Particle Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Particle Cannon

Particle Cannons are highly customisable weapons that use energy to fire light speed projectiles. It has a large firing piece and uses snaking particle accelerator tubes to increase the power of the cannon.

The cannon can be customised entirely to fit your needs and can be set to different damage modes: explosive, piercing, EMP and thump.