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While nobody doubts your shipbuilding qualities, boating around and getting shot at is only so much fun. The game offers a variety of ways to engage other ships, from simple, prepackaged pea-shooters to heat-seeking ICBM-wannabes and ship-crushing shell-throwers.

The simple weapons deliver what's on the tin: self contained weapon systems suitable for small craft and lazy builders.

CRAM Cannons are the bread and butter of naval destruction. Slow firing and straight forward to build, they are usually deadly when they hit their target.

Advanced Cannons are for more complicated builds and offer much more customization, however they are a lot of work.

Missiles offer more variety to the I-punch-you-punch-me game. More expensive and fiddly, well implemented missiles can rain hell upon unsuspecting victims.

Lasers are the ultimate futuristic enemy-searing tool for the discerning customer. Pew pew pew.

Particle Accelerator Cannons offer high powered sci-fi shotgun style destruction.

Simple Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Ram - Does damage equal to 2*mass*velocity.
  • Small Cannon -A small cannon which does little damage. Is mounted on a self contained turret so has large aim angles. Only effective en masse.
  • Large Cannon- A much more powerful version of the small cannon. However the aim angles are lower and still only effective en masse.
  • Auto Cannon- Fires 9 shots in quick succession. Needs to be mounted on a turret to be able to traverse. High rate of fire makes it an potentially OK Anti-Aircraft weapon
  • Laser - Hold fire to charge the laser. The laser fires when the fire button is released. The duration of firing is related to length of charging. Needs to be mounted on a turret to aim.
  • Drill - Dril extension, Drill bit (Large), Drill bit (small), Power input, Torque Amplifier

Custom Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main article: Custom Cannon


Cannons are built by first making a firing piece, then adding the desired components, similarly to building an engine. Motorized and Elevation barrels added will increase how much the barrel itself can adjust for fire. If you want to make a turret that can aim anywhere, use the 360 turret base in the Constructable menu, and some elevation barrels. Note that you can add armor and blocks to the Turret constructable.

CRAM Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Cram Cannon

A Cram cannon is built similarly to a Custom Cannon which it replaced, its a firing piece with a barrel sticking out of it with some autoloaders,ammo, and gauge increasers. You can use them to make bombs and a variety of ammo types exist for them. CRAM cannons accurately fire high damage shells at a slow rate. They are better at passing through shields compared to Advanced Cannons because of their low shell velocity. The low shell velocity has a drawback however, it is hard to hit targets that are turning or moving unpredictably. Cram shells can reach up to 2 meters wide!

Advanced Cannons[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Advanced Cannon

An Advanced Cannon is a complex weapon that uses custom ammo and is often considered more realistic then CRAM. They use gauge increasers in a cylindrical format and autoloaders that have ammunition clips sticking out, how many stick out is up to you. Most Advanced Cannons send each shell through an ammo input feeder, ammo clip, autoloader, gauge increasers or 6 way connectors, the advanced firing piece, a mantlet, and out the barrel.

Advanced Cannons, also called Advanced Projectile Systems (APS), offer huge customization options. You start by designing your shell in the Shell customizer that shows approximately how the shell will perform. Each shell is sent through the ammo input feeder, ammo clip, autoloader, gauge increasers or 6 way connectors, the advanced firing piece, a mantlet, and out the barrel.

Missiles / Torpedoes / Mines[edit | edit source]

If you had a chance to play with rockets when you were younger, this shouldn't be too bad for you. But if not, then neither will it be too hard. The concept requires few things to follow. But first, some of what we can achieve here:

- Heat seeking missiles and torpedoes
- Laser guided missiles and torpedoes
- Mines
- Bombs

Lasers[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lasers

Lasers are extremely powerful, as they can travel long distances in 0 time. They are also extremely powerful and can rip through ships extremely quickly. However, they require huge amounts of power and huge amounts of space in order to be effective.

PAC (Particle Accelerator Cannons)[edit | edit source]

Particle Cannon